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About PhotoWaka Africa

How we came alive

Founded in July 2018, PhotoWaka Africa has been a leading voice in the photography industry in Nigeria and Africa. PhotoWaka Africa is a social enterprise focused on youth empowerment, creativity, job creation and creating a sustainable value chain in the photography and creative space. The vision of PhotoWaka Africa is to develop professionally inclined, engaging and highly creative community of visual storytellers around Africa, with the bodacious mission of telling African stories through photography thereby using photography as a tool for social change.

Our mission is to enable, engage, and enrich photographers and visual storytellers in Africa in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to be successful, so that they can make real impact with their skills.

Young African creatives need to realize they have a voice; a self-determining voice if for nothing else, to put Africa in her rightful position. Via the PhotoWaka Africa platform, we have organized workshops, masterclasses, mentoring sessions, and photo walks, where we have directly trained over 5000 youths and reached over 20,000 globally; this in turn has generated more jobs and created more impact in Africa.

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